These apps allow users to identify and analyze viral sequences in assemblies within KBase.


  • vContact2: perform guilt-by-contig-association automatic classification of viral contigs

  • VirSorter2: Identifies viral sequences from viral and microbial metagenomes

    • VirSorter (legacy)

  • VirMatcher: Predicts host-virus matches


The viral workflow begins with Assemblies, either metagenome or single genomes. VirSorter produces the assemblies that should be used by vContact as input.


Viral Annotation Pipeline in KBase: a streamlined use case of a pre-assembled small metagenome and a Cyanophage genome run through VirSorter to identify viral sequences and vContact to classify them.

Viral Analysis End-to-End: a more comprehensive tutorial with a use case from the Global Ocean Virome demonstrating how to go through the entire process starting with raw metagenomic reads.

  • These tutorial Narratives were made available by Ben Bolduc (Ohio State University).

Tutorial Webinar

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These apps were developed as part of the Microbes Persist SFA. To learn more about this collaboration, see:

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