KBase Terms & Conditions

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KBase is free to use and funded by the U.S. Department of Energy. When signing up for a KBase account, you accept the KBase Terms & Conditions, which includes our Use Agreement, Code of Conduct, Policies, and Service Level Agreement.

Use Agreement & Code of Conduct

Users will follow the KBase Use Agreement, which outlines the above policies around data and privacy and the KBase Code of Conduct, which outlines expectations of how users and the KBase team respect each other and collaborate.

KBase Data Policy

KBase follows the Information and Data Sharing Policy of the Genomic Science Program of the Office of Biological and Environmental Research within the Office of Science. See the KBase Data Policy & Sources page for details, including information on publicly available data.

Privacy Policy

All data uploaded by users is private to them unless they choose to share it. KBase does not release or use private data for any internal analyses, with the exception of collecting metrics on 1) amount of data and 2) the distribution of data types in system, and 3) app usage across system as an aggregate of user activity. See the KBase Privacy Policy for details.

Service Level Agreement & Compute Resources

KBase compute resources are available in a fair-sharing system that enables equitable access for all users to KBase compute resources. Submitted jobs, will be staggered in the job queue with other users based on user priority. This means that some jobs may take longer to finish based on previously submitted jobs and available machine slots.

To check the status of the job queue and wait times for KBase Apps, view the Job Log.


Software Software developed by the KBase project team or contributed by community developers to KBase, is stored and maintained in the public KBase GitHub code repository under the MIT Open Source License (“License”).

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