Job Errors and Their Meanings

Some job errors give an explanation of the problem and others can be much more cryptic. Here are more common job error messages found within the Job Log along with the context of the App or job-associated, the meaning of the error, and steps to take toward a solution.

If you have an error message and are looking to find a solution, start with the Common Job Errors or select the specific app category page to use the browser's search function to look for the error message and solutions.

  1. Common Job Errors – occur across all apps

  2. Import Job Errors – specific to importing data

  3. Assembly App Errors – messages specific to Assembly apps

  4. Annotation App Errors – messages specific to Annotation apps

  5. Functional Genomics App Errors – messages specific to apps relevant to Functional Genomics analysis

  6. Modeling App Errors – messages specific to Modeling apps

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