Problems with the User Interface

If you experience problems with KBase’s Narrative user interface (e.g., data, apps, or viewers won’t load or the interface appears to be frozen), here are a few things to try that may help:

  • See our list of recommended web browsers to make sure your browser is supported by KBase.

  • Try a hard reload of your Narrative (shift-reload in your browser window).

  • Log out of KBase and log in again.

  • Clear your browser cache or open the Narrative Interface in an “incognito” or “private” browser window.

  • Select the “Shutdown and Restart” option in the menu at the top left of the Narrative Interface. A popup will ask you to confirm that you want to restart the Narrative Interface and remind you to save your latest changes.

What should I do if my Narrative freezes or won’t load properly?

  • See our list of recommended browsers to ensure yours is supported by KBase.

  • Try a hard reload (shift-reload in your browser window).

  • If you’ve used earlier versions of KBase, they may be lurking in your cache and messing things up. Try either clearing your cache or launching KBase from an “incognito” or “anonymous” window (which doesn’t use your cache).

  • Shut down and restart your Narrative by selecting this option from the top left menu of the Narrative Interface.

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