Narrative Navigator

Welcome to Narratives! You may notice there are a few changes when you sign in to Let's get you up to speed with a tour.

  • There are five tabs for exploring and locating existing Narratives: My Narratives, Shared with Me, Tutorials, and Public.

  • The most recently updated Narratives appear first, but can be searched or sorted using the dropdown menu - Recently updated, Least recently updated, Recently created, Oldest, Lexographic (A-Z), Reverse Lexicographic (Z-A).

  • A list of available Narratives will be on the left panel and information on the selected Narrative on the right panel. Here you can see an overview of the Data within the Narrative and a Preview.

    • Icons under a Narrative name indicate which apps the Narrative includes, how many markdown and code cells it contains, the number of times the Narrative has been shared, whether there are any running jobs, total running time for all completed jobs, and more.

  • Click on the selected Narrative name to open it.

  • Click on the Gear icon next to the Narrative title for management options to:

    • Manage Sharing

    • Copy this Narrative

    • Rename

    • Link to Organization

    • Delete

  • You can use the Search Box at the top of each panel to find a particular Narrative within that category.

  • Click the + New Narrative button at the top to create a new Narrative.

  • Note that Public Narratives have not necessarily been reviewed or tested by the KBase team; they are simply Narratives that have been made public by their owners.

Where can I go from here?

The Narrative Navigator offers many launch points. To the left of the main panel you will see seven icons allowing you to toggle between Navigator, Orgs, Catalog, Search, Jobs, Account, and Feed tabs.

  • Takes you to your accessible Narratives through the Narrative Navigator and features described above.


  • Takes you to a list of the Organizations within KBase, along with descriptions and statistics for the Organizations, including Narratives and Apps.

  • The default shows "My Orgs," the Organizations you belong to as a member.

  • You can view and search all Organizations by selecting the toggle button on the right hand side of the page for "All Orgs."

  • Under "All Orgs" you can search and select different Organizations and request to join by clicking on the "Join this Organization" button.


  • You can use the App Catalog to browse, search for, and see the specifications of each app KBase has to offer.

  • The Data Search tab gives you the ability to search JGI data (Beta) as well as KBase user and reference data.

  • It allows you to search for data present in your own Narratives, those shared with you, and those made public by their owners.

  • It also enables you to search for reads and assemblies contained in the Joint Genome Institute (JGI) Genomes Online Database (GOLD) and add them directly to your Narratives.


  • The Job Browser allows you to view apps that you have run recently, see their progress, search for specific runs, and more.

  • You can filter the runs by Finished, Queued, Running, Success, and Error

  • Query results also display basic information surround the runs such as the Narrative they can be found in, App ID, Submission Time, Queue Time, Run Time, and Status


  • In the Account Manager you have access to edit your profile information.

  • From this tab you can also get to your Profile Page which gives an overview of your Narratives and your Collaborators.

  • You can access the user profile of any of your Collaborators by simply clicking on the name under the Your Collaborators panel while in your Profile Page.


  • Takes you to the Notification Feeds page to view notifications from KBase.

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