Metagenomics & Community Exploration
Some of the tools available for analyzing microbial communities and metagenomics
KBase has a multitude of Apps designed to analyze microbial communities and metagenomic reads data. They provide a way to understand the functional interactions between species in microbial communities. Annotated genomes extracted from metagenomic samples can be used for metabolic modeling, comparative phylogenomics, functional profiling, and more.
Metagenomic Sequence Analysis & Assembly
    FastQC and CheckM –Quality control and analysis
    Trim Reads with Trimmomatic – Read trimming and adaptor removal
    MEGAHIT – Assemble large and complex metagenomic reads
    MetaSPAdes – Assemble shotgun metagenomic reads
    IDBA-UD – Assemble short metagenomic reads
    MaxBin2 – Bin metagenomic contigs into corresponding putative populations
    MetaBAT2 – Bin metagenomic contigs into corresponding putative genomes
Community Exploration
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