How to Report Issues

To report issues, suggest new features, or get help using KBase tools, please go to our Help Board and create a ticket.

Create a Ticket

On the KBase Help Board, click the blue Create button in the menu. A window pops up to gather information about your issue. Required fields are marked with a red *; the other fields are optional.

  1. Choose the issue type (Bug, Question, or New Feature)

  2. Enter a short summary

  3. Enter a longer description with more details

  4. Enter the URL of the affected Narrative (remember to share the Narrative with "kbasehelp")

  5. Include the specific Job ID found within the Job Log

  6. Select the best fit Category

  7. Include you KBase Username

  8. The Environment field can be used to let us know which operating system you’re using (e.g., Mac, Windows XP, etc.) and which web browser (e.g., IE 10, Chrome, etc.)

  9. Attach files, such as screenshots or small data files that demonstrate the problem

  10. Include the Incident Start and End Times if applicable

  11. Click the blue Create button to submit your ticket

Remember, the more information provided about what went wrong, the more efficiently our team can reproduce and resolve the problem.

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