Assembling and Annotating Microbial Genomes
KBase enables de novo assembly of prokaryotic NGS reads from various sequencing platforms. Assemblies can then be annotated with RAST or Prokka, enabling you to explore structural and functional features of a Genome or use it in other analyses.
The steps for assembly and annotation include:
  • Import or upload reads to assemble with the Narrative Interface Data Browser.
  • Add the Reads data object to the Narrative.
  • Find and insert the Assemble Contigs from Reads App.
    • Use this App to assemble an example set of reads into a set of contigs (an Assembly object).
  • Find and insert the Annotate Microbial Contigs App.
    • Use this App to annotate the Assembly.
  • Examine assembly job statistics and genome annotation.

Narrative Tutorials

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