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Access the Narrative Interface

The Narrative Interface is available at Once you sign in, you will see the Narratives Navigator.
There are several ways to enter the Narrative Interface from KBase:
  • Use the menu at the top left of the landing page and select “Narrative Interface”.
  • Open a public Narrative or one that has been shared with you
  • Start a new Narrative by clicking the “+ New Narrative” button

Make sure you have the latest version

New versions of the Narrative Interface are released periodically. In most cases, KBase will automatically update to the latest version. However, if you had an older version already running, you will see a green button near the top right of your Narrative that says “New Version Available.”
Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 8.16.19 PM
Click this button to update and reload the interface. You also may need to do a hard refresh (shift-reload) in your browser window.