Signing Up and Signing In

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Signing Up

After you link your Google, ORCiD, or Globus account, you will be able to sign in and use the KBase Narrative Interface to perform your computational systems biology analyses.

Terms and Conditions

KBase is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy and is free for all to use (even if you are not in the United States). When you link an identity to KBase, you will need to accept our Terms & Conditions, including our User Agreement. You may also want to review our Privacy Policy and Data Policy. Users shall follow the KBase Code of Conduct.

Sign up for a free KBase account

Signing In

To sign in, click the Sign In button on the KBase website or KBase Narrative Interface. Select the identity provider you chose when you signed up for your KBase account, and use the credentials you would normally use when signing into the that provider's web site. You can link multiple accounts to sign into KBase.

How do I set or reset my password?

If you signed up for KBase and your password does not seem to work, you may reset your password at any time with the identity provider who manages it. KBase itself does not manage passwords of its own, so all password management must be done through your identity provider.

If the last time you logged into your KBase account was prior to June 2017, see the authentication update page.

If your authentication provider is managed by someone else, you may lose access to your KBase account. It is strongly recommended to attach a secondary authentication method you control to your account.

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