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The KBase Help Board is an interactive way for users to report bugs, ask questions, or suggest new features, using an issue tracking system called Jira.

Using the Help Board, you’ll be able to:

  • Submit bug reports, questions and suggestions without revealing your email address

  • Engage in a two-way dialog with KBase staff as they track down and resolve your issue

  • Search the issues submitted by other users. If someone else has already reported your problem or suggested the same new feature, you can vote for that issue or add a “Me too!” comment.

  • Increase your productivity in KBase by seeing other users’ suggestions and workarounds

Access the Help Board

  1. To get into Jira to use the KBase Help Board, go to

  2. Log in with your Google account or click “Sign up for an account.”

See more on how to report issues to the Help Board to find out how to submit your bug reports, questions and suggestions to us.

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